While holiday decorations still feel a tad premature (we're looking at you, Walgreens), it pays to get a head start on the gift-giving season, especially if you're going the DIY route. Making something from nothing takes time and effort, and, if you're not careful, can also end up costing more in craft supplies than just buying the thing in the first place. Instead of spending your holiday bonus at Arch this year, get some found-object art inspiration from The Green Art Project.

Started by a longtime SF resident, the site chronicles highlights and current happenings in the world of 'green' art–that is, art made using reclaimed items that might otherwise end up packing a landfill. In addition to giving you a head's up on art to see around the Bay Area and beyond, you'll also find ideas and instructions for creating your own reclaimed masterpieces. Find out more–and start checking off your Christmas list–at TheGreenArtProject.com.