DIY Interior Design Workshop: Bring a Room, Leave With a Plan


Although there's no denying the huge difference an interior designer can make to the look and feel of your home, if cash is tight, it can feel as practical as hiring a butler or personal umbrella holder – it's just not going to happen. Local designer Danielle Fox understands the desire of folks, especially in this loopy economy, to get their homes in order without breaking the bank. So she's taking her professional knowledge and sharing it with the rest of us, courtesy of an eight week do-it-yourself interior design workshop she's teaching at her studio in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland.

Here's how it works: Each student selects a room of their home that they'd like to focus on, and every week Fox works with students on a different aspect of design, applying the ideas she introduced to the students' projects. At the end of the program, students leave with a comprehensive room design, and knowledge into the design process that can hopefully be put towards creating the look of the rest of their home.

The next course starts on February 24th, and there's still time to register. Interested? You can contact Danielle at or by phone at (510)325.6659 for questions or to sign up.

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