The Rockettes bring their leggy precision to the West Coast for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, now in its 78th year. Lindsay Howe, a Sacramento native and seven-year Rockette, gives us the inside scoop. The Rockettes perform Dec. 16–17 at the Oracle Arena.

Is the famous chorus line kick part of the audition process?
Yes. The Christmas Spectacular was my first professional audition—2 days, 13 hours, more than 500 entrants, and countless high kicks. It helps if you’re 5 feet 6 inches or taller and can get the tip of your toe to the top of your eye.

You must have to listen to a lot of holiday music. Do you ever get sick of it?
No. A lot of us have Pandora set to holiday music. With four months of shows and practices, Christmas is our life for one-third of the year.

You have eight costume changes in a 90-minute performance. Any wardrobe malfunctions?
Nothing more exciting than a forgotten earring.