Don't You Forget About Me


I’m sure you conscientious 7x7 readers keep your datebook at the ready while you’re eagerly pouring over the issue, and of course you mark your calendar for every show we recommend, so feel free to take a snack break during this little reminder: For those of you who somehow missed these important details in July’s Entertainment issue (or perhaps have a friend or coworker who tore out the pages in question to put up on the fridge before you had a chance to get to it), I’d like to suggest a few shows close to my heart in the coming weeks that are each most definitely worth catching. July’s cover subject and local dark angel Rykarda Parasol takes the stage August 2 at Café du Nord, backed by partners-in-Goth-Americana-goodness the Tower Ravens. Meanwhlie, over at 12 Galaxies, psych rock outfit Bellavista hold it down in the Mission, surely making a case for best comeback kids in town. A scant 48 hours later, not one, but two of their issue-mates pick up where they’ll leave off: Dance rockers and professional party starters Von Iva celebrate the release of their new record Our Own Island with the sublimely funkadelic Sugar and Gold. All of which adds up to one simple truth: August could quite simply be the best month ever. Discuss.
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