John Patrick Shanley, writer of this Pulitzer- and Tony-winning insta-classic, also penned Moonstruck and a personal favorite Joe Versus the Volcano. But Doubt is a far cry from Tom Hanks perched on a raft of Louis Vuitton luggage in the middle of the sea.

One of the more famous plays of the past decade - also made into a movie starring Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Doubt probes the intentions of a priest who may or may not have an inappropriate relationship with a young boy in a Bronx school, circa 1964. The popular priest's attentions are called into question by the suspicious Sister Aloysius who has no proof but her instincts, with which she crusades relentlessly to evict Father Flynn and in so doing, inflames the entire community. Nuanced and inconclusive, this moral parable is a compelling addition to the New Conservatory Theatre Center's Pride Season - and demonstrates the tricky nature of justice.

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