Dr. Seth Matarasso—Botox and Restylane specialist to the stars as well as models, socialites and everyone in between—had a big birthday bash at Vessel. The "Seeing is Believing" party brought out more than 250 folks including Robin Williams, Vanessa Getty, Kamala Harris, Willie Brown, Paul Pelosi and Rita Moreno.

Bo Lasater_Kathryn Lasater Kamala Harris_Christine Pelosi Seth Matarasso_Gary Danko
Bo & Kathryn Lasater                   Kamala Harris, Christine Pelosi   Seth Matarasso, Gary Danko

Sako Fisher_Seth Matarasso Claudia Ross Robin Williams_Marsha Garces Williams
Sako Fisher, Seth M.                                 Claudia Ross                  Robin & Marsha Garces Williams

Sonya Molodetskaya_Tatiana Sorokko Matarasso Birthday Heidi Castelein_guest
Sonya Molodetskaya, Tatiana Sorokko                                             Heidi Castelein, guest

Kate Harbin_Emily Martin Rita Moreno_Seth Matarasso Lisa Goldman_Steven Volpe
Kate Harbin, Emily Martin            Rita Moreno, Seth M.                   Lisa Goldman, Steven Volpe

Carmel Greenberg_Cindy Stratton_Alida Greendyk Seth Matarasso_Gail Glasser
Carmel Greenberg, Cindy Stratton, Alida Greendyk                    Seth M., Gail Glasser

Seth Matarasso_Paul Pelosi_Denise Hale Noosheen Hashemi_Tatiana Sorokko
Seth M., Paul Pelosi, Denise Hale                                 Noosheen Hashemi, Tatiana S.

Seth M., OJ Shansby, Cathy Baruh, Teresa Quigley

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