Dreaming of Skiing? Non-Stop Service to Mammoth Mountain Starts Tomorrow


Fantasizing about carving through powdery snow and catching air on your badass new pair of skis? Starting tomorrow, quit dreaming and hop on a United Airlines flight straight to Mammoth Mountain, because the airline is now offering non-stop service to the ski resort starting at a mere $188, all the way until April 24th, 2011!

Once you're there, you've got a lot to look forward to. Since last night, it's been snowing non-stop, and the mountains are blanketed in a fresh 16-inch layer of fresh and packed powder. Another storm is expected later this week, so the weekend will be perfect for an impromptu visit. If you're a snowboarder, be sure to try out their new terrain parks, including "Stomping Grounds", where you can practice your jumps and tricks. If you're tired of skiing but still want to experience the scenery, book a ride on their Snowcat lunch tour, where you can eat your meal in a heated luxury snowmobile while gazing at mountain vistas. Find approximately a million other things to get up to on their website, a dizzying array of cool activities and attractions.

Book your flight today and get out of the city for a weekend!

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