Drink Here Now: Beer for Breakfast and Salted Negronis


You can't say you've been drinking all day if you don't start in the morning. 

Beer for Breakfast at Cerveceria MateVeza

Nothing goes better with Saturday morning cartoons than beer. That's what's on tap for breakfast this Saturday at Cerveceria de MateVeza, located near the southwest corner of Dolores Park. The local nano-brewery will open at 10 am to offer waffles, cereal, and cartoons as part of a complete breakfast that includes French Roast Coffee Porter, Pancakes + Syrup Saison, Cornflake Cream Ale, and Fresh-Squeezed Grapefruit Sour. Arrive before noon to take advantage of undisclosed Happy Hour specials, and wear your best PJs if you want to win a door prize. Beer for Breakfast will continue every Saturday until the breakfast beer kegs run dry. 3801 18th St.

Blackbird Breaks Out Barrel-Aged Cocktails for 5th Birthday

When Blackbird opened in the Castro five years ago, the brilliant bar crew started squirreling away special beverages for a special occasion. This Sunday, they're digging up the buried treasures and launching a new barrel-aged cocktail menu at a public party to celebrate their fifth anniversary. Starting at 8 pm, guests will find cured meats, cheeses, breads, and other light bites to accompany $5 glasses of champagne and "Early Bird" cocktails, as well as 15 brand new, barrel-aged cocktails priced by the glass. If Blackbird's birthday guests don't finish them off in one fell swoop, the barrel-aged cocktails will remain on the menu after the party's over. 2124 Market St.

“Fer un Vermut" at Canela

Just a block from Blackbird, Canela is sharing a Spanish drinking tradition with San Francisco. In Catalonia, to "fer un vermut" literally means "to do a vermouth" and generally means "to go get a drink." Vermouth is usually associated with France (dry) or Italy (sweet), and is typically made with white wine that has been fortified and flavored with various botanicals. The Spanish make it from both red and white varietals, imparting either a citrus or herbaceous flavor. In Barcelona, bartenders serve it up or on the rocks, with or without a splash of soda, and garnished (or not) with a lemon twist, an orange slice, or a green olive. For $8, Canela will bring your ATXA Vino Vermouth in a beautiful cocktail glass with an orange slice and an anchovy-stuffed olive from Spain. 2272 Market St.

Maiden Lane Cocktail at Southside Spirit House

Already known for bringing attention to the best beverage-related quotes from famous drinkers, Southside Spirit House is now becoming (in)famous for a cocktail served in a Mason jar. The Maiden Lane ($11) is named for a two-block alley that was the center of SF's red-light district and earned a reputation for being the sleaziest street in the city before it was rendered rubble by the 1906 earthquake. Previously called Morton Street, it was renamed and rebranded by an enterprising jeweler who wanted to emulate the Maiden Lanes of London and New York, rebranding it as a respectable street lined with upscale retailers. The Maiden Lane pays homage to the storied alley, combining strong bourbon, sweet strawberries, and spicy ginger beer to make a cocktail fit for maidens and men alike. 575 Howard St.

Salted Negroni at John Colins

Unless you've been living in a cave, you know that Negronis are the cocktail of the moment in SF. They're popping up on bar menus from Alchemist to Ziryab and on tap at Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen. Just recently, the crew at John Colins threw their hat into the ring by releasing the Salted Negroni, a landlubber's take on the Salty Dog. The Salted Negroni is a refreshing mix of Nolets gin, Carpano Antica, and Campari served with a salted rim for $12. 138 Minna

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