Since Duc Loi opened, the mini supermarket been an eclectic resource for just about everything a cook might need—from Asian ingredients, to your standard Mission District fare, to the occasional crunchy move like organic coffee. But unlike most supermarkets with such a mix of things for sale, Duc Loi keeps up its produce section. It's generally fresh and looking good. I walked by the other day and was pleased to see how many hard-to-find (unless you want to get yourself to Clement Street) Asian herbs. There were Vietnamese herbs such as cilantro (sawtooth herb) and rau ram, there was Thai basil. There were also little bags of fresh kaffir lime leaves and even harder to find, the curry leaves commonly used in Southern Indian cooking. The epazote, used in Latin cooking, looked good too. Top that off with fresh lemongrass, Thai chilies, long beans, rhubarb, bitter melon, gai lan and Duc Loi is quite the resource.

2200 Mission St (between 18th St & 19th St)