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7 East Bay Patios to Dine Al Fresco

Comal's sexy patio. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Enjoy the warm weather at these lounge-worthy East Bay spots. 

With covered seatings for over 50 guests, as well as a full bar, fire pit and lounging area, Comal's outdoor patio is to die for. In the kitchen, Chef Matt Gandin (Delfina) brings the heat with with authentic and spicy Oaxacan fare. If you think you can handle it try the Jack Satan cocktail (Tres Agaves Reposado, infierno tincture, hibiscus syrup, lime, and salt) and you can't go wrong with guacamole with chips and three salsas, or the roast  turkey with trio of moles. 2020 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

Bay Wolf Café and Restaurant 

If you haven't heard of Bay Wolf Café and Restaurant, it's time to get out more. This local god of restaurants on Piedmont Avenue serves tasty entrees filled with Grade A ingredients to guests in an old-fashioned Victorian building that welcomed its first customer 40 years ago. The front porch is a redwood sensation with electric patio heaters to keep you warm once the sun goes down. 3853 Piedmont Ave., Oakland.


If you’re an outdoorsy person and a pizza lover, your “Yay!” radar will surely reach its peak once you’ve been to Lanesplitter. There’s not a pizzeria who offers a more diverse selection of toppings and specials in the East Bay. Try one of their unique pies while soaking up some rays at one of their sidewalk tables. The West Berkeley location has a leafy back patio perfect for enjoying a slice and a brew. 2033 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley. Other East Bay locations here

Snag one of these seats at Marc 49. 

Marc 49 

Located in the savvy Temescal district, Marc 49 offers an easygoing atmosphere and flavorful cuisines. Its distinctive paninis, sliders, desserts, and spirits, paired with seating in an enclosed wooden patio in the back of the eatery, makes for an entertaining afternoon among friends or a romantic night under the stars with your partner. 4915 Telegraph Ave., Oakland.

 á Côté Restaurant 

á Côté Restaurant definitely represents the magnetism of Oaktown's Rockridge burrough. Known for staying true to its small-plate mentality and family-style cooking, the food haven provides specialty drinks and Meditteranean favorites in a jovial atmosphere. Come see the heated patio adorned with large wooden tables and striking curtains that'll add a sparkle to your dining experience. 5478 College Ave., Oakland.

Barney's Gourmet Burgers 

With several establishments scattered throughout California, it's no secret that Barney's Gourmet Burger is the epitome of finger-lickin' fun on the West Coast. Consider visiting the Oakland location if you're in the mood for a classic American dish featuring the juiciest of burgers (organic beef, mind you), as well as a succulent variation of soups and salads at reasonable prices. Guests who prefer to add a little fresh air to the menu can enjoy the small, but cozy, patio in front of the building. Various locations here.


Definitely don’t leave Berkeley out when you talk about good food and an unsurpassed outdoor ambience. Jupiter, one of the towns prized possessions, reigns when it comes to showing diners a delicious time with woodfired pizzas and handcrafted beers. Best of all, the establishment has multiple levels that caters to each individual’s dining preference. Check out the staircase that leads to its lower deck showcasing a beer garden and luxurious patio seating. 2181 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley.

Bistro Liaison  

Bistro Liason, also a Berkeley hotspot, is well-known for their French cuisines. Imagine enjoying one of their eclectic brunches with the morning sun on your back as you catch up with friends or chowing down on sautéed veggies for dinner in the seductive night breeze. Simply put, it’s all possible and totally worth it with a patio-style experience. 1849 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley.