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East Bay

The Commuter's Guide to Surviving the BART Strike

As BART prepares to take the Bay Area hostage yet again, commuters’ patience is put to the test. Facing another open-ended traffic nightmare this coming week is enough to ruin any East-Baydestrian’s weekend before it even starts.

Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge

Kite Festival

It's back to basics this weekend, so if you're into kites, wine, and/or drive-in movies, you've come to the right spot. The East Bay promises to deliver some classic bouts of adventure that'll make you put the remote control, iPad, cell phone, and all other kinds of addictive devices that define this age, to the side....if only for a few moments.

Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge

Pedalfest 2013

Another weekend in the East Bay couldn't come fast enough. It's time to check out some worthwhile events happening across the Bay Bridge before you tell friends, get dressed, and make your way over. Ready, set, go!

Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge

Nothing spells summertime like ice cream, blues, and movies. That's exactly what you'll get in the East Bay this weekend.

Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge

Calvin Keys

Independence Day may be over and the magic of fireworks have fizzled out, but it doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Things are about to get even better with this weekend's selection of events. And, with alternate measures of transportations back in full swing, there's no excuse why you shouldn't be in the East Bay.

Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge

After an emotionally charged week of events, you've probably never been so stoked to see the beginnings of another weekend. Things are about to get real this summer, so it's time to make the best of your off-days and show the East Bay some love.

Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge

Summer's officially here, and what better way to embrace it than by spending it in the East Bay? Forget about next week's to-do list and live in the moment with these upcoming worthwhile events.

Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge


In case you haven't heard already, word on the street is that the East Bay's where you want to be on the weekends. Don't stay deprived forever. Come see for yourself and become a believer with these upcoming events.

Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge

Tambores Julio Remelexo featuring Sotaque Baiano

It's all about music, art, and water on the other side of the Bay Bridge this weekend, so don't waste another second trying to rationalize your way out of a good time.

Sweet Spot: Six Pastries to Try at Le Bedaine in Albany

Le Bedaine's Chocolate Eclair

Stand on Solano Avenue, the main drag that runs through the East Bay city of Albany, and you could be in any quaint Northern California town. There’s the art deco Landmark Albany Twin theater and rows of stucco salons, cafes, and gift stores. Then you pop into bite-size Le Bedaine, and you’re in Paris. 

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