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East Bay

5 Awesome Kickstarters to Support This Month

Feeling guilty about spending more than you should have at that artisan bakery this week? Give back by putting your money toward one of these cool Bay Area crowdfunding campaigns, including one super-awesome drought-busting showerhead.

Grab a Beer at These New Breweries + Pubs

It’s been a busy summer for craft beer in San Francisco, with six new places opening in almost as many weeks. If you're inspired to seek out a new place to enjoy a couple of cold ones, pull up a stool at any of the following recently opened bars.

How to Spend 50 Amazing Hours in Oakland

You probably already knew that Oakland is a diverse and ever-changing city with a mix of eclectic neighborhoods, award-winning restaurants, and exciting attractions. But did you know how to spend two perfect day there? 

USS Oakland: Navy’s Newest Warship Named After the Town

Oakland's vibrant culture and busy port are getting recognition from an unlikely source: the U.S. Navy. 

The Secrets of Burma Superstar's Cult Classic Tea Leaf Salad

For the last decade or so, Clement Street's Burma Superstar has drawn the devoted, who wait for an hour or more, to dine at the cult favorite eatery. But in fact, the restaurant had been a quieter neighbor in the Richmond since 1992. Why the sudden fuss? It has something to do with that now-legendary tea leaf salad. 

Shop Talk: Etsy's SF Summer Pop-Up + DIY Pillows

If it's a fashionable way to spend, and happening in the Bay Area, we're talking about it on Shop Talk. 

Those Nasty Carpets on BART Are Now a Thing of the Past

The smelly days of stained, commuter trodden, and allegedly flea-ridden carpets on BART officially end this week. 

Foodie Agenda: Free It's Its + Affordable Japanese Fare

Your guide to the tastiest foodie happenings going down this week. Bon appetit! 

Fresh Coworking Spaces Bring Peeps Together in Oakland

Telecommuting is awesome. But as working from home becomes the norm, social life can fall by the wayside. In Oakland, a new crop of multifunctional spaces are combining housing and office space with shops and social spaces to keep folks connected, not to their devices, but to other humans.

Cannabis Insider: Field Notes from San Francisco’s Marijuana Social Scene

A local marijuana reporter opens his notebook and shares all the latest gossip and happenings in the San Francisco Bay Area's budding cannabis social scene. Here's what's happening this month.

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