For those with OCD tendencies (like this author) public drinking fountains are faint-zones. But when the thirst hits, sometimes you just have to suck it up. Now there's an app called OasisPlaces that both finds and rates public drinking fountains. Its rallying cry is for the reusable bottles/tap water cause (the app was created by Thermos), but I think its better application is for the avoidance of typhoid. I kid, I kid, I'm sure all of our public drinking fountains would pass non-OCD health inspections. However, the only one in the city with a 5 star rating  (for coldness, cleanliness, location and flavor) right now is the  “East Panhandle” fountain, a bit southwest of the corner of Fell and Ashbury in Panhandle park. Until some others get a similar stamp of approval, I think that's my watering hole of choice.