Image courtesy of STRiDA

Governor Kulongoski of Oregon recently made headlines for doing what so many eco-conscious residents in his state have done for years: he biked to work. Since most of us aren't blessed with a two-mile commute and dedicated cycle paths, having a sturdy, portable set of wheels can mean the difference between hitting the gas pump and the pedal. STRiDA is making life in the bike lane more fun and fashionable.

Boasting an innovative "A" shaped design, a greaseless chain, a five second break-down time and a beefy luggage rack that carries up to 30 lbs, it's perfect for maneuvering from public transportation to foot power. Given the current cost of gas, at $800, it will pay for itself in a matter of months. Powder-coated in your choice of nine vibrant colors over rust-proof aluminum, this carbon-free city slicker could be your ticket to ride.