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Battle of the Chefs, Take 2

It’s that time again—another Monday, another Macy’s Industry Night “Battle of the Chefs,” with me as guest judge. I had a great time at the last event, which pitted Noah Tucker of Brick against Eric Hopfinger of Circa—let me tell you, there was some ego involved!

Tonight’s event, which runs from 6-8pm in the Cellar at Macy’s promises to be just as action-packed. It’s Tim Luym of Poleng Lounge versus Bruce Hill of Picco—with an added twist. Hill was in a motorcycle accident last weekend and broke his ankle, but is still planning on dominating the challenge. His motivation? A call from Tim Luym while he was still in the hospital recovering, goading him into it. In any case, the stage is set for the battle, and you can get more information (and tickets, which are only $10) here.