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Eating Obama

Today is President's Day, and with Barack Obama on a roll for the Democratic nomination, it's a great time to ...  volunteer on a campaign? educate yourself? read up on your history? Nope. Eat chocolate.

Specifically, check out the delicious espresso-cognac nibble imprinted with Obama's mug, made nearby in Oakland by Cosmic Chocolate (which has one of the coolest websites ever). It's part of Cosmic's "Icons" series, which also includes Oprah (raspberry ganache), Madonna (red-hot cinnamon caramel), Bono (limoncello ginger) and, of course, Snoop Dogg (mint grapefruit).

Obama comes in a little four-pack—two of him, two of Oprah—but with his recent momentum, Cosmic may start packaging him alone, without his superstar endorser. It does seem that change is in the air; at the Slow Food Nation “town hall meeting” held at Civic Center on Friday, Alice Waters spoke about the possibilities of a new regime: “It’s really a special moment in time. My intention is to make a real impression on the next president of the United States. I once had a crazy plan to build a garden on the White House lawn,” she recalled, ready to get back on the horse. Waters envisions our new president as someone “ … who will have a press conference out by the compost pile.”

Oh, that Alice and her crazy schemes. Could Obama really be the one to address the press from the compost pile? We can only hope—and eat.

Read more about what’s in the works for Slow Food Nation on Wednesday’s blog.