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Extinct Food

I am, at heart, a truly nostalgic person. I like to think about the way things were, to lament and rehash times gone by. And while I recognize that this might make it hard for me to let go, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a person that likes to look back. Right now, I’m in a fit of nostalgia. At lunch time today, I hemmed and hawed about what to have (I usually brown bag it, but couldn’t quite get my act together this morning). Now, to be fair, I was in a slightly more…er…delicate state this morning, having indulged in too much cheer and too many rounds of poker at the annual Readymade holiday party and bazaar. Honestly, friends, I’m not sure what happened, but midnight found me eating a burger at Oola, wondering where the night had gone.

So my lunch needs were specific: something warm, and soothing, flavorful but not too exciting. Then I remembered! about the delicious ginger beef bowl at Delica rf-1, the Japanese “deli” in the Ferry Building. Steamed rice, topped with scrambled egg and gingery shreds of beef and a showering of scallion. If it sounds like I’m getting a bit, well, nostalgic, let me just cut right to the chase. I called down there to make sure they had it today (no way was I slogging down there if they didn’t) and the woman who answered the phone told me they didn’t, that they had in fact DISCONTINUED the item, and probably wouldn’t have it ever again. Though I’m prone to exaggeration, those are her words: “We probably won’t have it ever again.” Well, at least she didn’t keep my hopes up. But, like the pizzas from (now closed) Trattoria Vogalonga that I still mourn, the ginger beef bowl must be added to the extinct list, alongside dinosaurs and dodo birds.