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It sounds like something that might be served at a McDonald’s in Marseille, but Macvin du Jura is actually a delicious sweet, fortified wine from the south of France that you might consider for your seasonal winter feasts.

It’s unusual but also sumptuous, coming in red and white, with flavors ranging from orange peel to quince to ginger to figs. What’s also interesting is that it can hardly be called a wine as there’s no real fermentation going on.

To make Macvin, producers take the juice of red grapes like Poulsard or Trousseau or white grapes like Chardonnay or Savagnin, and boil it down. At a certain level of concentration, the producers add brandy and then age the “wine” in cask for up to six years. It’s rather rare, so you might have to ask for it at good shops like the Ferry Plaza, K&L or the Wine House.