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The Newest Newsiest News

Spring has arrived in San Francisco (OK, so it doesn’t look like it has arrived yet today, but it’s definitely in the air) and with it a host of new restaurants we’re eager to try out. If I poke my head out the window of our office, I can see Rouge & Blanc (334 Grant Ave., 415-391-0207), the newest venture from Aqua Restaurant Group (Aqua, Café de la Presse). I popped in the door last week and was surprised to see executive chef Laurent Manrique and Café de la Presse GM Olivier Daridon chowing down on, fittingly, some chef salads. One of four “shake salads” on the menu, the ingredients are combined in a large plastic cup, topped with a lid and shaken until well-dressed. I thought the concept seemed a little “MacDo,” but confess that they look pretty delicious. The lunch menu also has a few sandwiches and some “croque baguettes,” including one called the Croque New York that combines a “frankfurter sausage, sauerkraut and swiss cheese.” In other words, it’s a hot dog with the works.

Also newly opened: Piqueo’s, the new Peruvian sister restaurant to Mochica, has taken up residence on Cortland in Bernal Heights. It’s got an extensive menu, but first on our list to try is one of the 5 types of ceviche.

We’re already hearing good things about Nua, which opened a couple of weeks ago in North Beach. A waiter that we know and trust has already told us that the wine list is loaded with good finds, and the early reports from the Yelpers of San Francisco seem positive.

Finally, spot watch: I’m eagerly awaiting the newest additions to the Mission, Bar Bambino and Spork. Signs of life are everywhere, but the doors haven’t swung open yet. Oh, but when they do….

Got a tip from your neighborhood? Something new happening? Leave a comment and let us know.