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Organic Schmorganic?

I found this story in Decanter to be interesting. It leads with the line:

“The majority of UK consumers do not care if their wine is organic or Fairtrade, and do not understand what biodynamic means, says a new study.”

I wonder if this is true in the states—I kind of get the feeling that it is. When it comes to wine, Biodynamic and Organic are terms that only mean something to wine geeks and greenies. However, when sharing a glass of lively, fresh Movia Tocai Friulano from Slovenia at the bar at Delfina the other day, my friend was shocked to learn that the wine spends two years in oak barrels. “How could a white wine in barrel that long be so fresh?” she asked. The answer Ales Kristancic of Movia would give--”biodynamic grapes are strong!”