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Pier to Plate: Part 2

Do you know where your seafood comes from? For the second piece of our three part series, we visited the Monterey Seafood Market in the warehouses of Pier 33. This is where seafood is trucked in, packaged up, ready to be delivered all around the city. 

The long corridor of Pier 33 is one of the centers of fresh seafood distribution in San Francisco. It is at its most bustling in the early morning hours. 

Whole Black Cod sits on ice in the freezer waiting to be shipped out.

Monterey Fish Market runs a clean and tidy shop. If you visit, you can buy fresh seafood right off the dock.

Mussels, squid, salmon and halibut are bagged, boxed and destined for Heirloom Cafe and Bar Agricole.

A mass of fresh smelt, which is best eaten whole, lightly breaded, and pan fried.


Once the morning business ends, the employees at Monterey Fish Company finally get a break.

Behind the tourist facade of Fisherman's Wharf is a fully functioning fresh seafood market.

Fresh squid sit in the freezer boxed up and ready to go.

Trucks are loaded with fresh seafood and sent all over the city.

Tune in next week for a look inside the kitchen of Quince. We'll spend some one-on-one time with Chef Mike Tusk as he prepares a wild Pacific-caught salmon.