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Running with the Fishermen

I just got back from a week’s vacation in Cartagena, where fresh-picked fruit and just-caught fish are always at your fingertips.

The eating was good, which is one reason why I stepped out to run a few miles on the beach every other day, despite the three-digit temperatures. During these morning runs, I’d exchange thumbs up with all the fishermen pulling in what looked like very heavy nets. With such abundance from the sea, it’s no surprise that breakfast was my only fish-free meal.

The most common fish dish is a fried whole fish with amazingly creamy coconut rice and fried plantains, but one day for lunch we stopped by a ceviche spot—La Cevicheria—across from the ritzy Hotel Santa Clara. I got the ceviche peruano and a Club Colombia—the local beer. The fish was good and fresh, and I enjoyed the accompanying plantain crisps smeared with avocado, but the corn was a disappointment. I was expecting the gigantic Peruvian corn that they use for the ceviche de pescado at Limon.

Guess where I’ll be going this week?