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Sparkling Wine Snuff Film

It felt kind of creepy to watch this, so passing it along to you makes me feel, well, sleazy. I know, it’s scary what can happen to you in Europe, as depicted in movies like Hostel, Hostel: Part 2, Midnight Express or the YouTube video of the giant robotic arm of Belgian customs snapping the necks of 3,200 bottles of innocent, whimpering California wine. Like lambs to the slaughter, lambs to the slaughter . . . .

The only thing is that those bottles weren’t completely innocent. They were Andre, a Gallo brand, that still bears the term “California Champagne” on the label. In the EU, this is a big no-no, as only wine from the legal region of Champagne may use that name. Here’s the story

Evidently the Gallo people weren’t too upset. They respect the EU’s rules, and this wine was being transported on its way to a cruise ship. Besides, 3,200 bottles to them is like one bottle to you and me.