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A Two-Million-Dollar Frog

This past weekend, I ventured from our 49-square miles to Freestone for a spa day. My friend and I had this getaway in the works for a long time. The spa (Osmosis) is the only one in the country that offers cedar-enzyme baths, and I’m a sucker for the out-of-the-ordinary. After 20 minutes of sitting in 130-degree fermenting wood, we each got a 75-minute massage in little pagodas situated near a serene meditation garden. Needless to say, we worked up an appetite (even after sharing a spectacular sticky bun from Wild Flour Bread beforehand).

As it was a carefree Saturday, we decided to take Highway 1 back home, and check out Nick’s Cove (Pat Kuleto’s latest endeavor that opened in July). Oh, and what a throwback! As usual, Pat Kuleto and gang did an impeccable job with the remodel—totally worth the estimated $14 million dollars for the cottages and restaurant. I couldn’t afford to stay at one of the cottages, but lunch I could do.

Perusing the menu, I got a kick out of the “red-legged frog with mounds of sticky red tape” for $2 million dollars—alluding to the trouble they had complying with the Endangered Species Act, as the endangered California red-legged frog was discovered onsite. Being an environmentalist, I was happy to hear that those frogs were saved, and equally pleased that I was not the one footing the bill!

Even though it’s not crab season yet, I got the Bodega Bay Dungeness crab cake. Then, to balance out the fried, I ordered a mixed lettuces salad with apple slices and roasted almonds—all washed down with a crisp Gruner Veltliner.

The views at Nick’s—and the excellent wine list—are reason alone to take the hour drive from the city. You’ll never believe what a difference a short trip can make (just don’t take Highway 1 from the city if you get car sick).