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A Very Good Year

If you haven't yet heard, 2005 was a stellar year in Beaujolais, a great wine region that has largely been forgotten in the modern vinous rush. The reason this place has been overlooked might be because it makes a lighter style of wine from a grape that no one talks about. Anyway, in 2005 the wines are not light, but are perfect medium-bodied wine. They have some tannic grip and loads of dark plummy fruit. I like them slightly chilled.

This one happens to be the Morgon from Marcel Lapierre, but I would recommend that you try any 2005 Beaujolais you can get your hands on (except for Beaujolais Nouveau, which shouldn’t be in the market, anyway). We had this wine at Zuni, and drank about three bottles of it for eight people. It goes great with that famous chicken.