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What to Give

Yes, it’s that time of year. I just rather suddenly realized that it’s the 6th of December, and I’m guessing that there are others out there who have just awoken for a semi-delusional state, the reality of the holidays and their fast and furious arrival still seeming like some sort of surprise. Every year, I try to make a mental list of the gifts that I would most like to receive.

Then, come Christmas, I think about who would be the happiest to receive a subscription to the bacon-of-the-month club or a box of miniature kishu mandarins from the tangerine man in Ojai, California. Naturally, I gravitate towards food gifts. They don’t have to fit, they never go out of style, and it gives me an opportunity to support a smaller operation while giving the gift of good taste. This year, I’m thinking about giving La Cocina gift baskets. They’re available in two sizes, the smaller La Hermanita and the larger La Madrina—and both are chock-a-block full of the myriad (and delicious) goodies produced in La Cocina’s non-profit incubator kitchen in the Mission. It’s like a greatest hits bag: there are Clairesquares in there, and Kika’s Treats, along with spicy plantain chips, and jam from CMB sweets, and salted pumpkin seeds and those crazily delicious alfajores that we featured in the magazine. And more!

This picture doesn't quite do it me, the bounty is glorious!

The smaller box is packed into a utilitarian box, but the larger assortment (which I believe sells for around $100) is packed into a hand-crafted tote made by a Guatemalan artist from recycled burlap coffee sacks, making it the ultimate hostess gift, or food-loving friend gift, or office gift. You could send it to all your clients! Trust me, this will make an impression. And support a good cause. For more information, call 415-824-2729.