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The Year That Was: The Restaurant Closures

The sun will come out tomorrow, I promise, but it's worth looking back at some of this year's signifcant closings and taking a moment to remember those that were. Halfway through the year, Eater reported that the tally was at 30. While some are being replaced by other concepts (South, Laiola, Acme Chophouse), most have boarded up for good. So here's a toast to the restaurateurs that weathered a rough year—whether they came out on the other end or not—and hopefully, to a more prosperous 2010.



• Two
• Tagine
• Hime
• Cortez
• Pres a Vi
• Levende Lounge
• Carnelian Room
• Postrio
• Jeany at Jack's
• Jack Falstaff
• Brick
• Cafe Majestic
• Bong Su
• Medicine
• Mecca
• Baraka
• Zinnia (to close at year's end)
• Laiola (to close at year's end)
• South (to close at year's end)
• Acme Chophouse (to close at year's end)