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Try These Delicious Brunch Items at the Ferry Plaza Saturday Farmers Market

Saturdays at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is easily one of the best ways to procure California’s finest and freshest produce. Along with the dozens of farmers, artisans, and food makers, there are also a plethora of food stands for you to brunch at (food shopping is hard work and should never be done on an empty stomach). But with so many different vendors—what should you eat? Fret not, here are our favorites. 

7 California Rosés to Sip This Summer

Summer has arrived (for the most part), and with it comes the season’s favorite shade of wine: rosé.

Obviously We Need to Make These Ginsicles + Poptails for Memorial Day

Before you reach for that bottle of Provencal rosé for this weekend's festivities, why not consider this more festive, gin-soaked, made-in-San Francisco treat?

Methodology Brings Personalized Food for Wellness to the Bay Area

If you've found that your eating habits as of late have been subpar at best, and you're looking to get healthy without spending too much time in the kitchen, we have a suggestion: Methodology.

You Can Now Stay at Julia Child's House In Provence, France via Airbnb

Foodies, try to hold in your squeals of excitement. Julia Child's former three-bedroom home is now available on Airbnb, and everything is exactly how the culinary goddess left it.

Hangar 1 Introduces Limited-Edition Vodka Made From Bay Area Fog

The notorious San Francisco fog just got a little boozier thanks to Alameda-based distillery Hangar 1. Drought-savvy and innovative, Hangar 1's new Fog Point Vodka is the first ever vodka made with San Franciscan fog-caught water.

Secret Recipe: Delfina's Grilled Calamari

When you order calamari as an appetizer at a restaurant, it too often comes breaded, fried, and served with marinara sauce. Delfina takes a different route, flash-grilling the calamari until tender, then serving it over a bed of buttery white bean salad. The picada sauce adds an herby garlicky kick, making this one dish you'll want to make over and over again.

Where to Get the Best Dark Chocolate in the Bay Area

If, like us, a few squares of dark chocolate are what get you through the day, then you'll be happy to know that the Bay Area boasts a tasty selection of locally made artisanal bars. Studies show that dark chocolate can have powerful health-promoting properties, so go ahead and enjoy these goodies guilt-free. 

The Big Veg: 50 Vegetarian/Vegan Things to Eat Before You Die

San Francisco is for lovers—and by lovers, we mean vegetarians. Our city is second to none when it comes to vegetarian and vegan cuisine, which ranges from decadent, splurge-worthy meals down to hole-in-the-wall gems that understand that a good vegetarian dish is so much more than just throwing some peas on a plate. 

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