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The Freshest Vegetarian Dishes in West Sonoma County

Today, modern chefs honor meatless recipes as a delicious challenge to their talents, showcasing the natural flavors, textures, and visual appeal of the finest garden ingredients. And few get it fresher than West Sonoma County restaurants, celebrating the beautiful farms, ranches, and orchards in their own backyards. For unusual menus and distinctive style, try these near-secret treasures.

Sacramento Becomes a Culinary Destination for Farm-to-Fork Restaurants

Sufficed it to say, Sacramento isn't exactly known as a town populated by gastronomes, or, for that matter, restaurants of Michelin-level repute. Cue fable about the tortoise and the hare, in which the older, wiser reptile, with its under-the-radar pace (in this case, Sacto), crosses the finish line ahead of its swift and overachieving competitor (aka the SF Bay Area).

Foodie Agenda: Sunday Supper at Penrose, Young Winemakers, and More

Your guide to the tastiest foodie happenings going down this week. Bon Appetit! 

Five New Restaurants to Check Out This Month

Looking for somewhere new to eat? For the next couple months, prepare to be very, very busy as the city positively blows up with openings. Here’s your monthly cheat sheet of five brand-new places that recently opened around town, and we hope you like barbecue.

We Wanna Be Friends With the Founders of Snake Bite

San Francisco may know a thing or two about good beer and brewing trends, but Wilson Barr and Tommy Hester brought something a little different to the West Coast by way of England, and we have to admit, we're obsessed. 

3 New Farmers Market Vodka Cocktails by Famed SF Restaurants

As you may have already heardHangar 1 is having a moment among San Francisco's top culinary talent. This month, 7x7 is revealing never-before-seen (or tasted) recipes from the kitchens of Rich TableMaven SF, and The Cavalier, all created from locally-sourced ingredients and Hangar 1 Vodka.

Five Local Companies Serving Stellar Pasta Sauce

Making a quick pasta sauce from scratch is easy enough, but between work, happy hour, improv class, and yoga, who has time? The supermarket’s wall of jarred options is dizzying; many come saddled with sodium and sugar, and most taste the same. If you focus on locally-made versions, you'll discover amazing options prepared with Northern California ingredients created by entrepreneurs who micromanage every aspect of their businesses to ensure consummate quality.

The Bay Area's Deep-Dish Pizza Options Ranked

I could have called this the Top 5 Deep Dish Pizzas in the Bay Area, but that would have been a bit misleading –  there really are only five purveyors of the stuff in the Bay Area (five and a half if you include The Star, the new spinoff of Little Star in Oakland).

Foodie Updates: Saison Wine Bar Spinoff, New Restaurant in Dogpatch, and More

In this week’s food-world headlines, we have the big update of Michael Bauer’s Top 100 restaurants, a spinoff wine bar and retail shop coming from Saison partner/wine director Mark Bright, and a huge new restaurant and distillery concept coming to Dogpatch from a Portland restaurateur.

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