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Eat + Drink

2014 Gift Guide: Eat

Unique accessories, handsome wares, and catered extravaganzas for the gourmand you thought had everything.

4 Ways to Spice Up Your Drink this Holiday Season

Raise a glass to clever boozy spins on celebrating the season.

Secret Recipe: Farmhouse Inn's Peppermint Fudge

The season of pumpkin spice is over and peppermint is taking its rightful spot in the winter spotlight. Farmhouse Inn's decadent fudge recipe calls specifically for Andes Peppermint Chunks, because we all know that no other peppermint will ever compare. 

Take a Seat at BR+Table, Burritt Tavern’s All-New Artisanal Chef’s Table

BR+Table at Burritt Room + Tavern

On the second floor of the Mystic Hotel lies Burritt Room + Tavern, a film noir-influenced, American tavern-inspired bar and restaurant by celebrated chef Charlie Palmer. Walk to the back of the restaurant to discover BR+Table, the brainchild of Burritt’s Executive Chef Luke Knox.

The Best Bloody Marys in San Francisco

When it comes to brunch cocktails, there's no denying that the Bloody Mary reigns supreme. Spicy, salty, and tomato-y, nothing says hangover cure quite like this boozy drink. We rounded up the must-try Bloody Marys around San Francisco, and they definitely won't disappoint.

Secret Recipe: Camino's Leftover Turkey Kebabs

You could say Camino chef Russ Moore knows his way around a kebab—every Monday night at his Oakland restaurant, he creates three-courses around the skewered stuff. So we asked him how he takes Thanksgiving leftovers to the next level: “I often just roast the breast for Thanksgiving dinner and save the legs for kebabs the next day. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll make some flatbread to cook on the grill once the kebabs come off.”

San Francisco's Best Old-School Restaurants

With iconic dishes, secret recipes, and unique atmospheres, these old school spots have stood the test of time and taste.

Drink Here Now: Dirty Friday, Boozy Milkshakes, and Virtuous Vino

'Tis the season to have another drink.

Union Square Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

If you’re going to be doing any of your holiday shopping downtown this year, you’re going to need some fuel to survive the bag-totin' crowds. Here are a few new-ish places where you can grab a bite to eat, plus ideas on where you can find some holiday cheer to keep you feeling good about people.

Foodie Agenda: New Restaurants, a Glühwein Party, & More

Avoid the post-Thanksgiving slump by eating all the way through the weekend. 

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