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His Kellerness on Being (Like) the President, The Burger Concept and Benu

Thomas Keller was interviewed for NBC New York's "Feast Sitdown." It's a doozy of an interview (ok, mostly a snoozy), but here are some choice quotes for you Keller addicts. Read the rest here. Catch the man himself at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Classic April 8–11.

Absinthe Team Prepares to Dominate Hayes Valley

If all goes according to plan, this is shaping up to be quite the season for the Absinthe crew.  We've been tracking the developments over at Comstock Saloon—highlights include a mid-April opening and pickled eggs—oh, yes, and drinks from Jonny Raglin and Jeff Hollinger, as well as a tricked out location in a historic building on Columbus. Now, via Grub Street and Tablehopper comes word that the Absinthe crew is taking over the Citizen Cake space—soon, Hayes Valley domination will be complete.

What Makes a Good Sports Bar?

The art of running a good sports bar is slightly different from that of running a good bar. As more and more high-class palaces of mixology open in SF, it's important to remember that sports bars, too, deserve love. Here are the four SF contenders that were nominated for Thrillist's Bar Madness contest, and our thoughts on each. (McTeague's made it to the Final Four, but was knocked out by Chicago's The Fifty/50).

The reader picks:

Liza Shaw is obsessed with Sparkling Sake

I got turned on to sparkling sake when I was in Tokyo last fall to do a spot-check on the A16 there, which opened in September. I go three or four times a year to talk to the cooks about new recipes and see how things are running. We were at this yakitori place in Ginza, some seriously down and dirty spot that’s a celebration of the chicken. They put all parts of the chicken on a skewer—tail, neck, gizzards. But we started the meal with sparkling sake, and that’s how I got introduced to it.

The New Cool Kids: Ice Cream, Popsicles and More

Just in time for the most beautiful day, here's a lick of good news to go with it. Looks like the city is soon to be even richer in ice cream (and popsicle) shops. Here's the scoop.

Market Watch: The Asparagus Has Sprung!

The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market's Lulu Meyer gives us the fresh scoop every week.

Why Brunch is for Suckers

I'm not really a breakfast person. Rather, I am not a going out to breakfast person. Nothing irritates me more then waiting on line, early on a weekend morning, to eat overpriced eggs and cold toast. Like Peter Meehan wrote today, "I think there’s value in putting money aside to go out to a place that's doing something cool rather than overpaying for a meal that's better at home." He was talking about homeburgers—hamburgers made at home—but he could just as easily been talking about pancakes, fried egg sandwiches and home fries.

Lowering the Bar: 5 Places to Drink For Cheap (or Free) This Week

Each week, we bring you our top picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF.

1. Harlem at the Ambassador: Though the name may bring to mind New York's struggling neighborhood, this Harlem is actually a Dutch drink that resembles Jagermeister. The brand managers have been handing out samples guerrilla-style to folks around town (just a few weeks ago, we were unexpected recipients in a neighborhood bar), but they're making a scheduled stop to give away free shots and Harlem-Red Bull mixers at the Ambassador this Friday. After 11, you can get the Harlem Red Bulls for $5-- a great drink or alternate-universe sports-team name. (Friday, March 19, free drinks 9-11 pm, at The Ambassador, 673 Geary St., Tenderloin.)

Eat It: St. Patty's Day, Sake Tasting and Suckling Pig


St. Patrick’s Day at Orson
You could go to a rowdy pub and get splashed with green beer, or you could opt for a kinder, gentler celebration at Orson, where the menu will include beer-and-cheddar soup with soda bread crackers, corned beef and cabbage and coffee parfaits with whisky-chocolate centers. The meal is $55 (plus optional beer pairings); call 415-777-1508 to make last-minute reservations.

Zuckerman's Asparagus: The Way of the Dinosaur?

While pondering what to blog about today, I looked out at the pale wash of clouds over the day's blue sky and while there might be some pressing chef gossip, what's on my mind right now is spring: the apricot jam I'm going to make, the sour cherry pie I'm going to perfect, the green garlic, the peas, the morels, the asparagus!

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