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Eat + Drink

Cheap Date: Ichi Sushi

It’s not every sushi chef in town who will bid his familiar customers farewell with a fist bump, but it suffices to say that Tim Archuleta is not like other sushi chefs. To begin with, he’s not Japanese—not even Asian. And for the past many months, prior to opening Ichi, he made a name for his business by serving sushi at catered events and during happy hour at Bender’s Bar (he earned his raw fish chops working at Tokyo Go Go). Meanwhile, along with his wife Erin, he had major projects underway. The first was a Japanese deli, Lucky Cat, that opened in the 331 Cortland market in Bernal Heights.

Obsessed: William Werner, Owner of Tell Tale Preserve Co., on Fried Chicken

I guess it’s fair to say I’m obsessed with fried chicken. When it’s spot-on, it’s amazing, but when it’s not, it’s so defeating and lame. There is no middle of the road with fried chicken. And even though it’s more popular now, and on a lot of menus, it’s hard to find a good version. I’ll be honest with you—I am not into the chicken-and-waffle thing. I love waffles. I love maple syrup. I love fried chicken. But all together? No. With waffles, you introduce another opportunity for failure. OK, listen: The crust has to be crispy, right? The skin must adhere to the meat. I don’t want to take a bite and have all the skin slide off. The meat needs to be moist. And hot. I do not like cold fried chicken—I want it rippin’ hot, fresh from the fryer.

Ease into the Holidays with's RN74 'Spirited Supper'

Here's something to melt this post-Thanksgiving chill:'s throwing the next installment of their 'Spirited Supper' series this Tuesday night at Michael Mina's RN74. The dinner will feature four courses, created specially by executive chef Jason Berthold, and of course a slew of cocktails (this time featuring a range of Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotches, topped off with a nightcap made with Hennessy Cognac).

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Eat + Drink

Bestow upon your friends a certificate to Local Mission Eatery’s cooking labs, and you may just get a little something in return. Volunteer to be their test subject after they’ve collected trade secrets from local culinary pros like Shauna Des Voignes of Knead Patisserie or Susan and Wendy Lieu of Socola Chocolatier.
$40–$50 at Local Mission Eatery, 3111 24th St., 415-655-3422, 

Warm Up With the City's Best Hot Chocolate's cold out there. Warm up with some of our favorite cups of cocoa in the city.

The Best Bowls of Soup in SF

It's a bit chilly and all we can think about is soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here's some (that aren't pho or ramen) we're dreaming of. Are we missing any? Bring on the suggestions for your favorite soups!

Quality Coffee to Go: How to Get a Good Cup on the Road

So you're heading to your aunt's house in Alaska or Alabama or Arcata for Thanksgiving, and you think that must mean terrible coffee for Turkey Day, right? No! Just because you're heading to the burbs, it doesn't mean you have suffer Sanka served through some ancient and dirty drip coffee maker. Let your kinfolk bring the green bean casserole. You bring some decent beans and brewing gear so you can make great go juice from anywhere you may travel, here's how.

Eat It: Udon at Bar Tartine, Armagnac at B&B and Crab!

Pre-Thanksgiving Pop-Up Underground Market

Get your "take-homeables" at this petite underground market on November 24, scheduled from 2-8 p.m. at 259 Mission Street (@ Cesar Chavez). The dozen vendors will have jams, chocolates, cookies and more, perfect as T-Day Thanksgiving hostess gifts, or for the feast you're preparing. Admission is $5.

Michael Mina - The Man, The Restaurant - Returns to Aqua's Old Space (Cue the Magic)

First there was Benu. Prospect followed suit. But when Michael Mina—the man who, in 2004, opened his eponymous flagship restaurant at the Westin St. Francis in a pillared “swirl of beige and celadon” (according to Michael Bauer’s four-star review)—made the decision to ditch the tablecloths at the restaurant’s second coming, I knew that I’d officially witnessed to the end of an era. Remember those crazy times when dining tables had that impractical white fabric draped over them?

Thanksgiving? How (And What) To Drink All Day Long

Paul Einbund is the wine director of the Slanted Door restaurant group including Out the Door Bush Street and Westfield Centre as well as Heaven's Dog. He also runs the beverage program at Frances, and has worked at Coi and more. Look for him here every Tuesday. Follow him on Twitter @pauleinbund.

How could you not love a holiday that is based around dinner?  Here are some of my ideas on what to drink—and what to avoid. 

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