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Weird Art in Bars: Smuggler’s Cove

If you're reading this, you’re likely well aware that Smuggler’s Cove has the best rum in town. (Which may or may not mean you research local watering holes with alarming regularity.) What you might not know is that there’s nothing more bad ass than taking a deceased - and, we assume, appropriately gutted - blowfish from its salty sea home and sticking a colored light bulb up its butt.

Blackberries: The Pick of the City (And The Crisp To Make With Them)

My neighbors in Bernal Heights don't tend to their backyard which is fine by me because it means more blackberries for the picking. Right now, their vines are reaching over into our yard allowing me to get a good cereal-bowl full of berries in the morning for breakfast.

Bay Area Power Couples: Jeff & Lori of Baker & Banker

It's hard to start a business in the Bay Area. And even harder to make it successful. We're inspired by the couples who have done it together and have decided to highlight them every week in our new "Bay Area Power Couples" blog series. This week we chatted up the brains and brawn behind Baker & Banker.'s 'Spirited Supper Series' Kicks Off Monday with a Cocktail Dinner at Beretta

Love Beretta? Of course you do. It's pizza and cocktail heaven.

Yesterday, our friends at brought us a whiskey cocktail recipe to melt the SF summer chill from Beretta's master mixologist Ryan Fitzgerald. And on Monday, they're kicking off their 'Spirit Supper Series' with a cocktail dinner at the Mission hot spot.

Thad Vogler of Bar Agricole Speaks

A modern, undulating ride of LEED-certified design, Bar Agricole might be the most stunning tavern to ever touch down in San Francisco. The fact that the high-concept, farmcentric tavern is located on one of the most scrappy blocks of the city makes it all the more fascinating. We talked to Thad Vogler, the mad genius behind it all. Just don't call him a mixologist.

Lowering the Bar: 5 Places to Drink for Cheap (or Free) This Week

Each week, we bring you our top picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF.

1. Yuppie Friday at Enrico's: While we find it somewhat dubious that anyone wants to be referred to as a yuppie (even those who fit the description), youthful professionalism seems to come in handy for negotiating drink deals. For $15, attendees get two drinks, entrance in a raffle with numerous prizes, and a live jazz/funk band. Plus, all the proceeds go to the San Francisco Community Fund. More info here. (Friday, August 13th, 5-7:30 pm, at Enrico's, 504 Broadway, North Beach.)

Locked & Loaded: On The Importance of Good Baristas, Cafe Divis and the 'New Coffees' Site

Darwin Cafe, a new restaurant and cafe near South Park at the corner of Ritch and Bryant, proves that even the best beans, served via the best equipment are really only as good as the barista. 

Melt The SF Summer Chill: A Whiskey Cocktail Recipe from Beretta's Ryan Fitzgerald

It's hard to overstate the popularity of Mission District watering hole and pizzeria Beretta. The place is perpetually packed. And while many talented hands that go into the making of Beretta's reputation as a go-to hot spot, perhaps one of the most charismatic is mixologist Ryan Fitzgerald.

Eat It: Bar Agricole, Tomato Dinner and the Art of Eating

Ferragosto at Piccino

If we were spending August in Italy, we'd be celebrating ferragosto, a short holiday when Italians traditionally decamp to the beach. Alas.You may not be able to jet off to Positano, but you can get in the spirit by attending the ferragosto party at Piccino on August 15. They'll be a pig roast and thin-crust pizzas and, in the Italian tradition, the wine will be free flowing. No reservations are necessary.

Tomato Dinner at Macy's

7x7's Happier Hours: Nightlife Guide Launch Party at Infusion Lounge


Join the movers and shakers in SF’s entertainment, hospitality and promotion industries for the release of 7x7's Nightlife Guide.

The party will be Thursday, August 19 at Infusion Lounge and will feature...

$3 specialty cocktails
$2 beer
Complimentary tastings and bites until 8 p.m.
Soundscape by DJ TS from LIFE/STYLE

7 p.m. - 10 p.m.


124 Ellis St. near Powell

No cover | Cocktail reception attire | 21 and over

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