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Locked & Loaded: Sightglass Gets Freshly Roasted

Welcome to Locked & Loaded. Every Wednesday, we’ll bring you stories from local Bay Area coffee culture. For our inaugural post, we spoke to Jerad and Justin Morrison, founders of San Francisco’s newest coffee roaster and cafe, Sightglass.

The Best Burger in SF? It's Personal

I’ve been thinking about burgers again. It’s been a while since we did our big Burger Bonanza, which focused on what Tablehopper once called “white-napkin burgers” (i.e. burgers from more upscale restaurants rather than burger joint burgers). I swore I'd never look an all-beef patty in the face again, but I'm back on the horse just in time for some key burger joint openings.

Summer Red Wines for Fog Heads

Living in San Francisco in the summer is a challenge for some. Maybe it’s my memories of steamy, sweltering sleepless New York nights, but I actually love the fog—I even live in the Outer Richmond, famed fog belt of the city. Why relish the fog? For one it makes San Francisco a year round natural for bold juicy reds.

The Week's Best Food Events: Lamb, Absinthe, Porchetta

A Cookbook Swap at 18 Reasons
OK, so maybe you thought a copy of Keller’s Under Pressure would be an inspiration, but instead it’s an albatross? Tote that sucker down to 18 Reasons on Thursday, July 15, and swap it with a fellow cookbook enthusiast. Bring a book, take a book. It’s that simple! The event runs from 7-9 p.m. and the cost is $10 for the general public, $5 for 18 Reasons members.

The Cicerone (Basically a Beer Sommelier) Is the Drink World's New Hip Job

This city might be the home of Anchor Steam, one of the nation’s first craft breweries, as well as the Lower Haight’s pioneering beer bar Toronado, but until a few years ago, the beer culture here has been mostly a “large-bearded-man-in-a-dirty-bar type of thing,” says Sayre Piotrkowski, cicerone at the Monk’s Kettle in the Mission.

A grimy dive is certainly not the domain of a cicerone, the term for a certified beer sommelier—the latest hip job in the drink world. According to the Cicerone Certification Program, started by Chicago-based beer expert Ray Daniels in 2007, cicerone literally means “one who conducts visitors and sightseers to museums.” (The leap to beer might be a long one, but the 18th-century terminology sounds duly impressive.)

First Bite: Ramen Dojo, San Mateo

I was down in San Mateo this weekend (don't ask) and as a consolation prize for spending time in the suburbs, I decided to avail myself of one of the restaurants that I've long wanted to visit but never had the occasion: Ramen Dojo. And though it's not normally our practice to write about places outside the 7x7 radius, in our August food issue, which should be on newsstands soon, we asked Richie Nakano of Hapa Ramen to tell us about some of the restaurants that influenced his own bowl of ramen.

Fully Caffeinated: A Citywide Map of Third Wave Coffee

Whether your loyalty lies with Blue Bottle or you're more of a Four Barrel fanatic, more than 40 cafes in town now provide a Third Wave fix (post-WWII rise of instant coffee=first wave, Starbucks and Peet’s=second wave, obsessive, bean-sourcing micro-roasters like Blue Bottle and Four Barrel=third wave). Here's where to find the Third Wave variety across the city.


Third Wave Coffee Spot Map

(green=Barefood, blue=Blue Bottle, orange=De La Paz, purple=Ecco, pink=Four Barrel, red=Ritual, navy blue=Verve)


Drink Recipes for the World Cup Final

After weeks of jaw-dropping goals, even more jaw-dropping hair, bad calls, dramatic dives and vuvuzulas, the World Cup comes to a close this Sunday with a final show-down between Spain and The Netherlands. Whether you're for Orange (whoah, bright uniforms) or the Spaniards, you'll need a drink (or a few) to get through the high-drama.

Our pals at have corralled recommendations from some of the top soccer-watching spots in the country, including SF's own, The Elixir, for the final moments of the world's greatest sporting event.

So get your last World Cup kicks on with these drinks:


Market Watch: Shopping with an Underground Chef

Every week, Lulu Meyer brings us the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and the chefs that shop there.

Heirloom Cafe: Infused with the City's DIY Spirit

Even before Matthew Straus left his wine director position in L.A. to move up to San Francisco, he had been plotting his perfect restaurant—a restaurant where the bottle comes first.

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