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Eat It: Cheese, Bees and Slaughter City

A Cheesy Book Release
Gordan Edgar, the cheesemonger of Rainbow Grocery, will celebrate the release of his new book, Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge, with a party at Amnesia Bar on March 13 at 6:30 p.m.

Lowering the Bar: 5 Places to Drink For Cheap (or Free) This Week

Each week, we bring you our top picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF.

1. ThirstyBear Beer Education: The local beer purveyor, which is certified organic and brews sustainably, wants you to sample its wares-- on your lunch break. If you can undergo the office subterfuge necessary to sipping, you'll be rewarded with educational talks on sustainable brewing, plenty of free beer samples, and a great impetus to spend the rest of the day slacking off on the Internet. (Thursday, March 11, 12-1:30 pm, at Green Zebra Environmental Center, 50 Post St., Tenderloin.)

First Bite: The (re)Birth of Marlowe

Ah, if only all transformations could as be as seemingly effortless as Madonna's. From Like a Virgin to Blonde Ambition, that lady made it all look so easy. The reality of reinvention, of course, is much trickier, particularly for restaurants, who are now getting into the game with increasing frequency. Marlowe reopened in mid-February after transitioning from their previous incarnation as the South Food and Wine Bar. Though Anna Weinberg is still owner, her partnership with celeb chef (and Virgin Airlines consultant) Luke Mangan is no longer, nor does the Australian-inflected menu remain (let's all take a moment to mourn the loss of South's licorice-lime dessert, shall we?).

Do Babies and Beers Go Together?

San Francisco has plenty of ultra-hip parents these days, and with the encroachment of rock shows and art events for the younger set, a new locale is emerging as the Final Frontier of family fun: the local watering hole. Buoyed by recent memories of their salad days and recession-induced frustration at dropping a boatload of cash on a babysitter, parents are bringing their babies into locales that were once their meat markets. As with everything involving urban children these days, this has provoked some heated opinions, from parents defending their need for a post-baby social life to childfree advocates decrying the presence of breastfeeding at the bar.

Barbacco Brings Modern Italy to the FiDi

220 California St., 415-955-1919,

Market Watch: Baby Artichokes, Beets and Blood Oranges

Lulu Meyer gives us the weekly scoop on the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Get shopping!

7 Days, 7 Deals: Hayes Valley Gourmet Tour

We love supporting San Francisco businesses and we love good deals. So we're teaming up with cool local company Joffer to offer 7 days of killer deals to some of our favorite local San Francisco businesses. From now until Friday, March 5, check back here to cash in.

Lowering the Bar: 5 Places to Drink For Cheap (or Free) This Week

Each week, we bring you our top picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF.

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