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Eat + Drink

Weird Art in Bars: Redwood Room

A whole list of suitably ironic hipster bars was concocted for this series and I fully intended to stick with it, at least until I found myself at the Clift Hotel with out-of-town guests on Monday night. People, drinking in the Redwood Room is like attending Hogwarts without the treacle pudding and magical ability. Fairly innocuous while displaying Klimt's greatest hits, the digital frames lining the redwood walls eventually switched to unsettling Harry Potter-esque portraits of people who move when really they should be sitting still. Rather than blinking and breathing and staring down their patrician noses as you gulp your second strawberry margarita.

Yemeni's Restaurant: For the Lentil Soup and More

This rain is taking a beating on my psyche. I'm pretty sure though that I could be cheered by the right bowl of soup. And today, I'm craving the most delicious lentil soup that they make at Yemeni's Restaurant (1098 Sutter St., 415-441-8832), a six-month old addition to the TenderNob that my friend took me to the other night.

Craft Beer and Baseball at AT&T This Saturday

Fans of craft beer have plenty to be jazzed about when they hit a Giants game these days. The new Public House (part of the Acme Chophouse revamp that also includes a second location of Mijita) boasts a well-curated, California-heavy beer program, including two cask ales and a slew of bottles. The best part? Plastic cups behind the bar make it easy to tote a dram of Old Rasputin stout or Racer 5 IPA right to your seat-- for less money than a cup of Bud costs upstairs. The bar even has its own low-traffic entrance to the park, allowing fans to duck in for a refill during the seventh-inning stretch.

Lowering the Bar: 5 Places to Drink For Cheap (or Free) This Week

Each week, we bring you our top picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF.


1. SF Vegan Drinks: With all the rules and regulations that go into being a vegan, alcoholic beverages are typically a safe choice, which is probably why we see so many vegans downing them on a regular basis. Network with fellow vegans (or try out the lifestyle) at this special happy hour, which will feature $5 alcoholic root beer floats and $1 vegan "hot dogs." Just be sure not to drink so much that you find yourself suggesting late-night pizza or burritos. (Thursday, May 27, 6-8 pm, at Martuni's, 4 Valencia St., Upper Market.)

Eat It: Scotch, Stir-fry and a Spring Spread

Scotch Lovers, Take Note: Tasting Tonight!

The Best Of SF 2010: 87 Reasons Why We Love This City

Each June, we rediscover our town. Now it's your turn.


Best of Eat + Drink

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Public House and Mijita Spice Up AT&T Park

Acme Chophouse is dead: Long live Public House and Mijita! Chef Traci Des Jardins proves that two restaurants are better than one.

World Cup 101: Where and When to Watch the Action in SF


How to navigate the World Cup frenzy, 10,546 miles from Johannesburg: four must-see matches and the best places to watch them.



First Bite: Pica Pica Maize Kitchen

Pica Pica Maize Kitchen is far more exuberant than the usual Mission joint.

Best of San Francisco 2010: Eat + Drink

Whiskey jerky, lamb belly, yakimono and goat curry. Buns, subs and rums. California Chard with the essence of Burgundy. Oven-fresh bread with a whiff of Ocean Beach. Open wide.

Best $1 Wine

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