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Best in Show? Scream Sorbet Ups the Ante

In the ongoing icecreaming of San Francisco, a new(ish) contender has entered the ring: Scream Sorbet, which shows up only at the Thursday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Oddly, the sorbet company, which sells at about every market in the Bay Area, started by Nathan Kurz, hasn't received a ton of attention since launching in 2008—or at least the press they deserve. So I'm going to give it to them right here and now.

Starbelly: The Castro's Home Away from Home

While you might observe that the food at Starbelly is derivative—that is, it could be found at a handful of like-minded restaurants around town—it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want a restaurant like this in your neighborhood. The owners—two of the Beretta partners, who nailed it with cocktails and pizza in the Mission—have clearly considered the Castro’s upscale demographic and catered directly to it. (If it’s fried padron peppers and chicken pot pie that the people want, then by God give it to them!) This approach may not lead to loads of culinary innovation, but it does result in lots of happy diners. Thus far, it’s worked. Starbelly has been packed.

The Eater Wrap: Critic Shuffles, Town Hall's New Chef, and the New Eater 38

It's a rainy day Friday, which means it's time for the Eater Wrap, the weekly recap from Eater SF on all the happenings from the local restaurant, nightlife and food media scenes. Plus, it's not really the weekend until you peruse the Eater Wrap.

1) In a few months or so, SoMa's South Park neighborhood will be getting a shiny new restaurant, and brace, the newcomer is going to be a grilled cheese specialist called The American.

East Meets West: NYC Bartender Does Beretta

With people like Momfuku's David Chang in town promoting his book and doing 7x7 panel discussions, all the talk in the food world has been about the NYC-SF rivalry in the food world. But it’s not only in the kitchen that the two coasts have their differences. Bartenders in New York and San Francisco have long had a rivalry, though it tends to be less contentious than the chefs. Vive la Difference is more the motto than trash talk like “all San Francisco bartenders do is put lime in glass!” That said, it’s still interesting to explore the differences between the two bartending cultures.

Market Watch: Yuzu, Olive-o-Rama, Carrots and More

Welcome to our Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market update. Get shopping!

This Saturday at the market we celebrate the recent olive harvest with Olive-o-Rama. In the south driveway the “Olive Booth” will be home to a tasting of newly pressed oils, information about how oils are graded and what the best uses for the various varieties, as well as tips on growing and curing your own olives at home. Chefs David Bazirgan of Chez Papa Resto and James Stolich of CookWithJames will demonstrate olive-centric recipes in the CUESA teaching kitchen. All events are free and open to the public.

Lowering the Bar: 5 Places to Drink For Cheap (or Free) This Week

Each week, former editor Allie Pape brings you her picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF. This week: A beautiful anniversary, a spicy cocktail, and a short but sweet happy hour. Have an event coming up? Want to share a tip? E-mail her.

Belgian Style Meets SF Beer at Magnolia and 21st Amendment

There may be an awesome beer dinner going on this Saturday at Ana Mandara, but it's worth pointing out that there's some beyond-the-ordinary awesomness also happening at two of our city's finest breweries.

This Week’s Events: Foraging, Meat and Sherry

Hunter Gatherer

On November 5 Seattle-based forager (and blogger) Langdon Cook, author of the new book Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager, will be at Omnivore Books for a free signing from 6-7 p.m. Come with your questions, but don’t expect him to disclose his secret porcini mushroom hunting grounds.

The Raw and the Cooked

The Big Eat 2010: We Need You!

Restaurants come and go, chefs change (and signature dishes suffer the consequence) and bartenders move around like musical bar stools, but The Big Eat SF—100 Things to Eat & Drink Before You Die—must go on! We're ramping up for our February food issue upon when the reconsidered and revitalized Big Eat 2010 will be released.

Stick a Forklift in It...

Whenever I visit wineries and wine warehouses, I find it impossible not to marvel at the skill of the forklift drivers. Have you ever noticed the same thing? For one, they have to manouver around in tight spaces. (I have trouble simply backing up a car on a straight line.) Two, they are lifting and carefully placing incredibly heavy loads (cases, full barrels) on top of stacks or barrel racks sometimes 30 feet high. One slight error in judgement and it could  mean losses of thousands of dollars worth of wine or, even worse, death to the driver.

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