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The Sake and Tea Mixer To End All Mixers

Museums, suffering like the rest of the world to get people in the doors, are turning toward interactive, multidimensional programming—are we're all benefitting from it. The Asian Art Museum will kick off its series, Matcha, on Thursday, June 18 with an unparalleled sake and tea event.

Sam Mogannam Is Obsessed With Yuba

Sam Mogannam could be considered the mayor of 18th Street. His family-owned market, Bi-Rite, has been operating since 1964, providing staples and fancy comestibles to Mission locals. Down the street, his scoop shop, Bi-Rite Creamery, has a devoted following. But it’s not all imported wine, cheese and ice cream for Sam—he also craves yuba.

Tia Harrison Is Obsessed With French-Dip Sandwiches

Tia Harrison’s got a full plate. Given that she’s co-owner of Avedano’s market in Bernal Heights, executive chef and co-owner of Sociale, and the owner of a chocolate-chip-cookie business on the side, relaxing is not exactly part of her repertoire. But in her limited down time, Harrison hunts for the ultimate French-dip sandwich.

Tim Luym Is Obsessed With Ramen

Tim Luym likes Asian street food, as evidenced by the menu at his restaurant, Poleng Lounge. Given his affection for casual yet delicious eats, it seems only natural the chef would be into ramen.

Adam Smith Is Obsessed With Ice Cream

Adam Smith, the owner of Fog City News, presides over the city’s best collection of two of our favorite things, chocolate and magazines, with a passion that verges on obsession  (hint: Fog City is a great spot to load up on stocking stuffers). Smith’s sweet tooth runs deep—his other obsession: ice cream.

Chuck Hayward Is Obsessed With Negronis

Chuck Hayward believes a negroni is a revealing drink, a cocktail that is a true measure of a bartender, leaving no room for error or interpretation. Made from equal portions of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, it must be made in perfect proportions or one ingredient will overwhelm the others. Where does Chuck go when he wants to scratch the itch?

Amaryll Schwertner Is Obsessed With Chawan Mushi

Go ahead—call Amaryll Schwertner an aesthete. As chef and co-owner (with partner Lori Regis) of Boulettes Larder, she has upped the food-as-art quotient in San Francisco and redefined prepared foods as we know them. Given all that, you can be sure she’s obsessed with something a bit more refined than, say, Cheez-doodles.

Coi and Danko Reviewed: Hypersalads, Lurkers and Scary Pigeons in Dark Alleys

This weekend, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal both looked West. For their "Save or Splurge" travel destination, the Times landed in San Francisco, alternating between $6, brick-sized "super" El Farolito burritos (speaking of: has anyone had their chile relleno burrito?

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Not Just For Chicks: Hangar One's Raspberry Vodka is Now in Season

Glory be, the Hangar One Fraser River Raspberry Vodka has just been released. Made from juicy, at-their-peak Meeker raspberries that grow way up in the north of Washington State, near the Canadian border, the reddish-pink, intensely flavored spirit is a true seasonal treat from those masters of fruit infusions over in Alameda. On top of the infusion, some fresh raspberry juice is added to the vodka for flavor, color and a little sweetness.

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