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Today's Hot Links: Rooftop Gardens and Grass-Eating Men

Eater reports that the La Boulange empire is expanding.

Rooftop gardens take root nationwide, including at Glide church.

Before street food became trendy, this man worked the streets.

Stop the Hating: Four Cal Chards to Recommend

A few days ago the wine critics of the Rupert Murdoch-owned, reliably patriotic Wall Street Journal posted a highly critical, take-no-prisoners, anti-American piece called "No Flag-Waving for U.S. Chardonnay." I'm not kidding, it was vicious. Take a look: "U.S. Chardonnay, especially under $20, has been lousy for a long time now . . . over the past several years, we have been outraged—that’s not too strong a word—at the junk that’s selling for up to $20. It has little real fruit, far too much oak flavor and harsh tastes. Too often, it has reminded us of fingernail polish that has been mixed with oak chips while it aged in the tank truck along the highway." Ouch!

Morocco's Miracle Oil: Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It

We've already jumped on the minerals, acai berry, ojon nuts and mega mushroom bandwagons. Does Morocco's argan oil live up to all it's hype?

Popularly known as the brand MoroccanOil used in hair treatments at select salons and quite hard to find on retail shelves, argan oil is quickly absorbed promoting the healing of acne and severe dry skin, in addition to making your hair shine instantly without feeling greasy.

Life On The Line: Cooking Together Is A Good Thing

Richie Nakano, a line cook at Nopa, chronicles his experience on his blog, linecook415. For six weeks, his guest blog will give us a snapshot of life in the kitchen.


4:38 p.m.

Prep period.

Today's Hot Links: Doughnut Burgers and Carrot Caviar

Daniel Patterson asks: are carrots the new caviar?

If you're still mad about the Great American Food and Music Fest disaster and want a refund, Bauer tells you how to get one.

Road Foodies Jane and Michael Stern point us to the country's best morning bun—from some place in Berkeley you've likely never heard of.

For beach trips, plane rides and lazy days, the summer's best food reading.

Anthony's Cookies: Catering To The Kid In Us All

Yesterday, my son, Silas, and I were walking home from his summer camp in the Mission District, and passed by Anthony's Cookies on Valencia Street—the simple, all-cookie bakery that opened a few months back and has since been quietly gaining a mini cult following for its very old-fashioned, no-frills approach. I'd had Anthony's Cookies a while ago when someone brought in a box of them to the office. The cookies and cream were by far my favorite, but for some reason I didn't write about them.

But it's amazing what putting a face to a cookie will do to make it taste memorable.

The Sake and Tea Mixer To End All Mixers

Museums, suffering like the rest of the world to get people in the doors, are turning toward interactive, multidimensional programming—are we're all benefitting from it. The Asian Art Museum will kick off its series, Matcha, on Thursday, June 18 with an unparalleled sake and tea event.

Sam Mogannam Is Obsessed With Yuba

Sam Mogannam could be considered the mayor of 18th Street. His family-owned market, Bi-Rite, has been operating since 1964, providing staples and fancy comestibles to Mission locals. Down the street, his scoop shop, Bi-Rite Creamery, has a devoted following. But it’s not all imported wine, cheese and ice cream for Sam—he also craves yuba.

Tia Harrison Is Obsessed With French-Dip Sandwiches

Tia Harrison’s got a full plate. Given that she’s co-owner of Avedano’s market in Bernal Heights, executive chef and co-owner of Sociale, and the owner of a chocolate-chip-cookie business on the side, relaxing is not exactly part of her repertoire. But in her limited down time, Harrison hunts for the ultimate French-dip sandwich.

Tim Luym Is Obsessed With Ramen

Tim Luym likes Asian street food, as evidenced by the menu at his restaurant, Poleng Lounge. Given his affection for casual yet delicious eats, it seems only natural the chef would be into ramen.

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