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Make Fritto Misto, Not War

An evening of "fun and frying" awaits you tomorrow night at the UN Plaza. "Deep Fried Not Bombs," a kind of vegan sit-in providing complementary vegan batter and a complementary vat of hot oil (fondue for peace?), invites you to bring your favorite vegetables or dairyless/meatless items to dunk into the fryalator (which they promise will get hot enough, unlike last time). They'll be serving up rice as well to "calm your stomach". Vegan protesters apparently don't have stomachs of steel.

How To Be a Better Diner, Step 1: Toss Out Your Ego

Welcome to our third guest blogger series written by Ella Lawrence, who works as both a freelance writer and a server at a popular restaurant in San Francisco. Lawrence has been published in Travel & Leisure, Time Out, and the San Francisco Chronicle and has her own blog, Restaurant Girl Speaks. Every Tuesday for six-weeks, she’ll be dishing out the tips on how to be a better diner, something about which she has a lot to say. Listen up.

"Best Of" Question #1: What's The Best Spot for Neapolitan-Style Pizza?

Every June, we put out our "Best Of" issue.  This year, we want you to get involved.  So from now until the end of April, we'll be posting a series of questions about San Francisco.  Jump into the fray, and your writeup could be featured in the issue.

Is Good Service More Important Than Good Food?

On Tuesday we'll be introducing a new guest blogger, Ella Lawrence of Restaurant Girl Speaks. Although she works as a writer, she also works as a server at A16 (you've heard of that place, right? Nate Appleman has had quite the month).

We brought her onboard to speak to one question: How can we be better diners? But before she tells us how we can be better diners, I wanted to write about the importance of a good server. (Just think how great the world would be if it was made up of well-behaved diners and conscientious servers!)

The Eater Wrap: Fish Shacks, Piano Man Cutbacks and Mourad Lahlou's Big Break

Welcome back to our partnership with Eater. For this weekly Friday column, Eater editor Paolo Lucchesi gives his report on all the restaurant news that's fit to print, including glorious openings, not-so-glorious departures, and maybe even a Master Top Chef or four.

Yelp Finally Lets Restaurants Defend Themselves

As reported on SF Gate today, "In an e-mail sent to some of the Yelp's most active users Thursday, the San Francisco-based company solicited feedback about an upcoming feature that will let businesses post replies to user reviews." This is clearly in response to all the flack Yelp has been getting of late.

"We're confident business owners will realize they're talking in public and that they need to put their best foot forward," Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp's co-founder and chief executive, said.

Market Watch: This Week's Cream Of The Crop

If anyone has the inside sccop when it comes to the Ferry Plaza Farmers market it's Lulu Meyer, associate director of market operations at CUESA. You'll see her at the market, rain or shine. Every week, she'll be giving us her short list for the market—just in time for Saturday shopping. Go to for more information about farmers, what's in season and market goings-on.

The Slanted Door: $15,495,332 Rich

It's good to know that there are 340,000 people out there with some sense of taste. As reported in Eater today, the Slanted Door—wedged in there with a lot of steakhouses and crab places and Las Vegas nightmares—is number 27 out of 100 of the top grossing independent restaurants in the United States, coming in at $15,495,332, serving up 340,000 meals at a $44 check average.

Eat + Drink Events This Week: Dosa Easter, Toronado Does Belgium and A16 Helps Abruzzo

Perbacco’s Perfect Passover
Celebrate Passover at the second annual Italian-Jewish Passover dinner at Perbacco, with Perbacco chef Staffan Terje and Joyce Goldstein presiding. The four-course $49 feast will include a selection of antipasti (crispy fried artichokes, anyone?) and your choice of soup, followed by your choice from six entrees, a side-dish and, of course, dessert. For reservations, call 415-955-0663.

Dosa Does Easter

Avedano's: Where Pork is Cheaper Than Rhubarb

Ah, spring has sprung. There's nothing like peas, asparagus, morels, strawberries and really expensive rhubarb.

Our office has no walls and very little space which means that it's a good place to start a rant. This is the latest from the rhubarb-obsessed food editor corner:

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