Eat It: Pies and Farm-Fresh Cocktails


Chocolate, Beer and Social Change

It is a shame that tastings of chocolate and beer— a devastatingly palatable combo— do not present themselves more frequently. Nourish your taste buds and your sense of justice in the world at “Bean to Bar,” an exploration of Madécasse chocolates. This fruity brand localizes production entirely within the bean-growing African country of Madagascar, so more money stays in Madagascar. But you’ll learn all about that over four bars and some Belgian brews at 18 Reasons in the Mission, July 7, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Reserve tickets at here.

Prix Fixe Wednesdays

Dying for a prix fixe—something gourmet, somewhere Michelin star-spangled— but wishing to avoid the price tag? You’re in luck: Ame at the St. Regis is offering three-course dinners plus beverage pairings at the not-unreasonable price of $55 per person. Take your significant other and don’t ask questions. The prix fest begins on July 7 with the Bo ssäm Dinner and will reoccur on the following three Wednesdays—each date with a different menu, of course.

Pie or Die

SF Food Wars beckons Bay Area pie enthusiasts, producers and consumers both, with the following rallying cry: “It might be cold, but it's still summer in SF! And summer means pie. Or die!” Truer words are rarely spoken. On July 25, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at The Stable, the Pie or Die contest will take place. Here, the sweet and flaky creations of twenty pie makers will go head to head. If you wish to compete as a contestant, shoot an e-mail to If you wish to serve as a judge (read: eat tons of pie, no formal expertise required), buy tickets at They go on sale today and there are only 200 available, so act quick!

Happy Hour at the Farmers Market

Barring two noteworthy exceptions (one bloody, one dirty), few drinks incorporate savory flavors. Armed with a lot of summer produce —tomatoes, corn, peppers— the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building aims to take you off the beaten cocktail path and into rarely traveled savory territory. On July 7 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., pay $33 and receive two full-sized cocktails plus eight sample-sized drinks, plus appetizers from restaurants like Bix and the Comstock Saloon. For tickets, click here.

Learn to Eat Locally From The Pros

Tonight, join authors Deborah Madison, Leda Meredith, Jessica Prentice and Temra Costa for a discussion of how to eat locally—without breaking the budget or spending hours slaving in the kitchen. This panel of pros will share all of their best tips and tricks so you can eat well, locally, all year long. The panel runs from 6:45-7:45 in the Port Commission Hearing Room at the Ferry Building. Tickets are $23; to purchase, click here.

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