Eater's Deathwatch is Dead (for now)


I’m a fan of Eater—for the record, I often find it’ssnarky-lite tone quite entertaining (I’m sure I will retract this when Paolo,the editor, starts poking fun at my overuse of the phrase “for the record” likehe did with SF Weekly’s Merideth Brody’s “enticing”—butI’ve never been a fan of their Deathwatch column, which encourages readers tonominate restaurants they deem doomed. They’ve put Avenue G, Yoshi’s and Senson this watch.


It’s a bit like seeing a starving dog and kicking it. I meanreally: What did a failing restaurant ever do to hurt you? Force you to eat abowl of overcooked pasta in a room with bad lighting? I doubt it. I have tofigure that the kind of people that take pleasure in kicking restaurants whenthey’re down have doubtfully ever run their own business—certainly not in SF.


The recession, fortunately, has given Eater a moment ofintrospection. a rather uncharacteristically patriotic moment (or as Frank Bruni of the NYTimes put it, “It’s like Freddy Krueger morphing into Florence Nightingale” Eater hasdecided to launch what they’re calling “Rally Cry,” in which readers willcircle around their favorite restaurants and actually try to save them (I’dlike to think they read my blog a few weeks back blog How they’re going to savethese restaurants, though, is still up in the air. A couple suggestions: A big,fat check surely would be appreciated, or—barring that—your faithful business.


What restaurants would you be willing to rally for? 

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