As temperatures have been hitting the 80s here in the San Francisco Bay Area,  I can't help but start thinking about what summer will have in store for us. Kate D'Arcy for Toggery has procured a line of fun, flirty clothes that scream summer. With bright colors like red, teal and fuchsia, Toggery is a testament that eco-friendly dyes need not be dull and lifeless. These organics flow and don't hug the body too tight for those especially hot days. Plus they're versatile; they can be dressed up or down and can be worn morning, noon and night (you might want to change at some point, but that is just a suggestion, because I don't always heed that advice myself). Made entirely from organic cotton and bamboo in a domestic, "certified socially responsible " manufacturing company, these pieces will not only prove to be long-lasting essentials in your wardrobe, but make an essential statement about everyday wear for the eco-fashionista.