Over in our small corner of the interwebs, the news du jour is the article written by Caitlin Flanagan for the Atlantic in which she seriously criticizes school gardens in general and the Edible Schoolyard in particular. We have our own thoughts about the article, but let's just say that they are well-summarized by these two quotes, which crossed my desk earlier today. Says Kim Severson, former Chronicle writer now at the Times, "Yowser! School gardens under attack as evil? But there is so much real evil out there." Jill Richardson, author of the blog lavidalocavore.org, also adds to the fray: "I am baffled by the utter stupidity of this snotty Atlantic article criticizing school gardens and Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard specifically."

Don't you want to drop everything and read it right now? And once you're done, and fuming, check out the excellent rebuttal on Civil Eats, written by Slow Food Iowa founder Kurt Michael Friese.