Editor at Large: Big Love, Sexy Chefs, and Alexander Skarsgard


I have a seriously cool job. As editor of 7x7, I get a daily insider look at what makes the Bay Area so fab—I receive the best invitations, eat the most delicious food, and meet the city’s most inspiring people. I want to take every chance I get to thank those who spark my curiosity and tickle my fancy—and to share it all with you. Thus, this new regular(ish) blog, “Editor at Large,” where I’ll take you along on my adventures in the Bay Area and beyond. I’ll give you just the good stuff, and forget the rest.

This past week was fueled by food—and honestly, what week isn’t?

Rainy weekend. Saturday date night. It begins with a mani/pedi at Hayes Valley’s Lux SF, a nail salon owned by Tracy Brown. Tracy, a fellow Texan, is a freak for vegan and cruelty-free colors. He even formulates his own line of polishes named for SF ’hoods and landmarks. My favorite: The Tender Nob. Like an overripe fruit with a hint of sparkle.

A pedicure on this night is ill-conceived: You try sloshing down Hayes Street in flip flops on the first rainy day since, like, ever. But our arrival at Rich Table makes the wet walk worthwhile. We slide up to the communal table, where we make friends with an Italian wine and a “Dirty Hippie”—a shot glass of panna cotta topped with textured, healthy things. It is the right kind of crunchy. We eat chicken liver mousse and a particularly savory braised pork buccatini. High-caloric and heavenly Rich’s Irish Creams cap things off. Poor Bailey. He's got nothing on this glass of boozy magic.

Sunday. Still raining. I would be wildly content to lay around watching Olympic figure skating in my new, softest-ever, mens "eco-fleece" sweatshirt from Alternative Apparel. But alas, I am dragged into the world. A spicy Bloody Mary and custard French toast at Nopa soften the blow. As does the mix of Native American textiles, Japanese barware, and men’s fashion magazines inside The Perish Trust (the boyfriend is not amused by my purchase of Man of the World, a magazine that features Alexander Skarsgard flirting with me from the cover). I make amends with a sourdough sticky bun and Four Barrel cappuccino at The Mill. (Let it be said that the guy who thought he could make a business out of selling toast is a goddamn genius.)

Monday. I should, once again, be at home watching figure skating. Instead, I am drinking Avinyo cava at Park Tavern for 7x7’s annual Eat+Drink Awards. Happiness is served in the form of deviled eggs, truffled fries, old and new friends. It is here that I catch up with Chef Michael Chiarello, whose Coqueta won Best Spanish and who is looking particularly svelte thanks to an obsession with cycling. Inspired by his physique, I sign up to ride in his booze-meets-bicycling weekend event, Bottega Gran Fondo, in Yountville this April. Well, okay, not really. I sign up the boyfriend. But I plan to drink wine at the finish line in full support! Then, I catch up with a light in my life, Yigit Pura, who has been much too busy for me lately. I try to be mad at him. But he kisses my lips, and I forgive him (our love affair goes way back). Because, after all, he’s opening new locations of Tout Sweet Patisserie, pitching a pilot for a  reality TV show, and has a dreamy new boyfriend who, I can only imagine, is keeping him locked away at night. Happy Valentine’s, loverboys.

Tuesday. Today I meet Michael Kazam, a partner in Le Book. Heard of it? It’s impossibly cool. We decide to cohost an afterparty for Le Book’s Connections, at The NWBLK on Feb. 27.

Thursday. I’m traversing the field at AT&T Park, wearing my favorite dress by local designer Melissa Fleis. (I will never stop talking about. It is perfect.) I’m here for the annual Heroes & Hearts luncheon, benefiting SF General Hospital, and sitting at a table with Pam Baer (her husband, Larry, is the SF Giants' CEO); Glide's Rev. Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani; and some guy whose answer to "What do you do?" is “I run my family’s foundation, and I play golf a few times a week.” I try to pay attention to him, but I’m busy perusing the charity’s eBay auction. Because I’ve decided I must bid on the Swarovski crystal tabletop heart sculpture. I ask Mr. Foundation if he will purchase it for 7x7 as a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s for charity, I coo. The heart sells for $50,000. He calls me “an expensive first date.”

Which brings me to today, Valentine's Day. When I will, at last, get to hang out at home with my man. My Alternative Apparel booty shorts are calling. They are SF's answer to lingerie. Well, actually, this is.

PS: Did I mention we launched our first app this week? If you love our annual Big Eat, you must download the companion app. Like, now.

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