Elizabeth Hurley Thinks Pink


I snagged some precious green room time with Elizabeth Hurley yesterday while the Brit model-actress was in town en route to LA for a packed public appearance at the Bloomingdale’s Westfield San Francisco Centre. For the past eight years, Hurley has hit the road in October for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to promote Estée Lauder’s pink products, which help raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Institute (Hurley’s own grandmother died of breast cancer in the '70s). So did the 42-year-old spokesmodel look as good in person as she does on film? Even better. Clad in head-to-toe Versace, the tall, sexy and likable newly wed and working mom (she has a five-year-old son Damian) dished on her personal beauty secrets for staying fabulous.

Elizabeth Hurley with Marisa Acocello Elizabeth Hurley
Hurley with Marisa Acocello, New Yorker cartoonist and author of Cancer Vixen.
photography by Linette Leong

 “Moisture—inside and out—is the most important thing for a woman, especially as she gets more mature,” Hurley said. “Drinking a lot of water and not too many diuretics like coffee. Using a really good moisturizer will make a dramatic difference for your skin and also your hair. … And a lot of it is through diet, eating oily fish like sardines, getting sleep, fresh air. Most of these things are free. Sleep, less stress, exercise. You don’t have to take the charge card out for that!” For more on Hurley’s SF visit, check out my SideDish column in the December issue of 7x7.

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