photography by Jessica Lifland for Drew Altizer

SF Ballet ENCORE! kicked off the 75th season, and 15 years of ENCORE!, with its first membership party at the Martin Lawrence Galleries in Union Square.

Gia Colosi_Andrea Skor Marney Parker_CC Chen Paula Elmore_Elizabeth Doyel
Gia Colosi, Andrea Skor              Marney Parker, CC Chen           Paula Elmore, Elizabeth Doyel

Meghan Fair_James Lingard Ashley Wood_Elizabeth Doyel Christine Hwang_Richard Cheng
Meghan Fair, James Lingard    Ashley Wood, Elizabeth D.       Christine Hwang, Richard Cheng

Andrea Skor_Dana Marie Sanchez_Kim Darin Stephanie Russell_Paula Elmore
Andrea Skor, Dana Marie Sanchez, Kim Darin                 Stephanie Russell, Paula Elmore

Betty Lee, Christina Robinson, Kimberly Hall, Elizabeth Styles-Bartlett

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