Enjoy a Spooktacular Stay at Hotel Triton


If you consider Bella and Edward among your inner circle, not only do you need to see a psychiatrist, but you might be interested in Hotel Triton's Halloween-themed Vampire Weekend package.

Through this limited-time offer, you'll get the chance to see San Francisco's spooky side on an official Vampire Tour with the guidance of resident host, Mina Harker, who was created by Count Dracula in London in 1897 and banished to the United States shortly thereafter. Hear Harker, who has allegedly resided underground for 100 years, tell her story and how vamps have played a vital role in the shaping of present-day San Francisco. The tour is held on Friday and Saturday nights and runs from 8 to 10pm.

The Vampire Weekend package includes a pair of tickets to the Vampire Tours of San Francisco, a guest room with optional "blacked out windows" for the non-mortals among us, and an amenity consisting of a bottle of blood-colored wine, chocolate-covered cherries and a choice of sunscreen (for vampires) or garlic necklace (for mortals). The deal is valid from now through Nov. 1. Those staying on Halloween night will have the option of partaking in the festive costume contest soiree.

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