Enrico's on Broadway in North Beach celebrated its grand re-opening last Friday and Saturday with two parties where wine and champagne were plentiful as were the folks spilling out into the restaurant's spacious front patio.

Alfonzo Cordon, Laurie Murray    Kartee & Sameet Mehta      Elyssa Thorp, Alexandra Tyndall

Erica Gragg, Whitney Teel  Joel Goodrich, Damian Mathews  Dave Thomas, Shermimeh Jafarieh

Megan Brown, Katie O'Brian  Julie Veronese, Erin Sedilko  Christina Deeb, Michael & Mai Shiver

                                                                             Katie Smithson, Jason Edwards, Jess Chamberlain

Seamus Cronin, Enrico, Reza Esmaili, Christina Deeb  Seamus, Christina, Mark Leno 

Monica Lane, Katie Thompson, Melinda Engelman, Stephanie Dudzinski

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