On Thursday, May 1 the Epi Center celebrated the launch of their new LEED certified Eco MedSpa. The event included an afternoon tea and champagne reception as well as a private anniversary and launch party that featured
organic hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Guest included green guru and Eco Fabulous founder Zem Joaquin—an advisor on the project—as well as green architect and author Eric Corey Freed.

Dr. Scott W. Mosser, Heidi Pettit

Leina Zimmerman, Mark Zimmerman, Jennifer Fick

Wilson Ling, Zem Joaquin, Mike Ghaffary, Hooman, Claudia Ross

Erin Pell, Betty Hsu, Patty Ruiz

Zem Joaquin, Emilie Cowan

Lauren Dickenson, Natalie Marmer

Mireille Schwartz, Joel Goodrich, Nadine Weil

Lydia Kirichenko, Sonya Molodetskaya

Amanda Miller, Jennifer Fick

Nadine Weil, Eric Corey Freed

Katiyana Williams, Jessica Vega

Betty Hsu, Cara Cutter

Bryna Nicole, Leslie Lum

Margaret Mitchell, Dr. Patrick H. Bitter, Sr., Jennifer Fick

 Laura Ballis, Margaret Mitchell

Heidi Pettit, Pearl Dworkin, Kimberly Schwede

Kimberly Taylor, Rob Cloyd

Sondra Osorio, Elene Eliopulos, Karri O'Bryan, Gwen Braun